Beautiful Movies from Around the World: Japan, Australia, Czechoslovakia

I’ve spent my day watching beautifully made foreign films: Kuroneko (1968), dir. Kaneto Shindo; Picnic at Hanging Rock (1979), dir. Peter Weir; and Daisies (1966), dir. Vera Chytilová. I wanted to post something about them, but words don’t feel adequate. So instead of writing words, I’ll just post images from the films.

Kuroneko title card Kuroneko 1Kuroneko 2Kuroneko 3____________________________________________________________________________

PIcnic title cardPicnic group

PIcnic cake

PIcnic parasolsPicnic doublePicnic-at-Hanging-Rock-1975-movie-review-girls-climb-mountain-miranda-anne-louise-lambertPicnic - rock


Daisies opening

Daisies red 11699004_10101490101716264_4849687660728620295_oDaisies butterfliesDaisies creepy dude11240772_10101490138357834_8660226366855767904_oDaisies headDaisies cut upDaisies bathdaisies-happy____________________________________________________________________________

I enjoyed Kuroneko and Picnic at Hanging Rock, but I’m kind of obsessed with Daisies right now. I will definitely be watching it again.

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