Basic Formatting Requirements:  Any work you do outside of class to turn in must be typed and should follow all of the following guidelines. It should

  • use 12 point Times New Roman font (this means you will almost certainly have to change the default font and font size)
  • be set to one-inch margins on all sides
  • be double-spaced (this means the spacing of the lines, not spaces between words or sentences)
  • follow MLA format when citing sources
  • include your name and the date at the top of the page
  • have no additional space between paragraphs

Writing Plans: You will choose one of these three plans to structure your work this semester. I am putting the contracts for all three plans here so you can look over them, and you will decide which plan you want to choose when we meet after the Diagnostic Essay in Week Four of the course.

(The awesomeness of T. Rex and Robot Unicorn should be apparent, but if you don’t already know about the mantis shrimp, you should check out True Facts about the Mantis Shrimp.)


Diagnostic Essay – due Friday, 9/12
Discussion Day assignment – due on whichever date you signed up for

Essay 1 (Plan Mantis Shrimp) – due Monday, 10/6 – Edit: Rough draft due Monday, 10/6, and final draft due Wednesday, 10/8
Essay 1 (Plan Robot Unicorn) – due Monday, 10/6, or Friday, 10/31 – Edit for first possible deadline: Rough draft due Monday, 10/6, and final draft due Wednesday, 10/8
Issue Proposal (Plan T. Rex) – due Monday, 10/6 – Edit: Rough draft due Monday, 10/6, and final draft due Wednesday, 10/8

Grading Conference for Essay 1 – due during Week 8
Essay 1 Meeting Response – due Monday, 10/20

Essay 2 (Plan Mantis Shrimp) – due Friday, 10/31

Research Narrative (Plan T. Rex) – due Friday, 10/31
Research Narrative (Plan Mantis Shrimp) – due Monday, 11/10
Research Narrative (Plan Robot Unicorn) – due Monday, 11/10

Grading Conference for Week 12 – due during your meeting with me
Essay Meeting Response – due when you come for your final conference with me during Week 13 or Week 14

Participation Report – due Friday, 12/5

Final Revision – due Tuesday, 12/16, by noon – you must turn in a clean, revised version of your essay, the papers I gave you during our grading meeting on that paper (both the essay with my comments & the rubric), and the Final Revision Commentary. All of this should be hard copy and should follow the formatting guidelines provided above. No late work will be accepted.

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