Frequently asked questions on various course-related topics.


  • What topics are off-limits this semester?
    • Gun control, gay marriage, & abortion.

Diagnostic Essay

  • Where should the thesis go in my paper?
    • The thesis belongs at the end of the introductory paragraph. Think of the introduction as a way to draw the reader in and set up the topic. This should lead from the more general to your specific position in the thesis statement.
  • Can I use first person in my paper?
    • Yes. Be aware that this is not allowed in all contexts, but here it is.
  • What does 3 pages mean?
    • An expectation of three pages means that you should fill three pages with your writing. This does not mean you have to go beyond the third page (although you can if you wish) and it does not mean that you simply have to get onto the third page.

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