Science Fiction (Fall 2014)

This is a space for English 250 (Science Fiction) during Fall 2014. Any additional readings, assignments, links, commentary, or announcements for the course can be found here.

Course Syllabus – In case you lose your hard copy, you can download a replacement.
Updated Course Schedule – As of October 13, 2014, this updated version supersedes the original. Refer to this schedule from now on.

Reading schedule for Oryx and Crake:

Thursday, 10/23: Parts 1-4 (pp. 1-92)
Tuesday, 10/28: Parts 5-8 (pp. 95-218)
Thursday, 10/30: Parts 9-11 (pp. 221-280)
Tuesday, 11/4: Parts 12-15 (pp. 283-374)

Reading schedule for The City & the City:

Tuesday, 11/25: Part One (Beszel), pp. 1-125
Tuesday, 12/2: Part Two (Ul Qoma), pp. 126-238
Thursday, 12/4: Part Three (Breach), pp. 239-end

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