I teach composition, technical & science communication, and a range of literature and humanities topics. Most of my experience is in teaching American literature and culture, but I also teach global literatures, genre courses, and broader humanities courses. I teach courses designed for non-majors (and, often, nonreaders), and I find popular genres to be both inherently fascinating and an effective way to encourage students to enjoy reading, which is something many of my students do not initially think is possible. I frequently teach courses examining popular genres as well as courses that place popular texts in conversation with literary or canonical texts.

Recently, I have taught courses on science fiction, death & extinction, horror film, fictional representations of American history (e.g., Hamilton, Kindred, Unforgiven, Angels in America), black histories & futures, fear, environmental literature & culture, re-tellings of classic narratives, environmental ethics & STEM, and science, technology, & society in film.