12/1/2014 – Don’t forget to come back to class on Wednesday, 12/3! Individual conferences are still going on today and tomorrow but then we meet as a class again Wednesday and Friday, so I’ll see you all then.

11/12/2014 – There will be no class today and no meetings. I am rescheduling meetings for later this week or early next week and moving back deadlines for the essay. See revised schedule for more detail and check your messages for information about grading conference times.

10/27/2014 – In addition to the Twitter assignment already listed on the syllabus, you can also participate on Twitter by continuing discussions from the previous week (on student topics) and/or look for polls and surveys relevant to your topic or other students’ topics that you can tweet links to and we can evaluate according to the points we discussed last Friday.

10/6/2014 – We will not meet as a class on Wednesday; if you have work to turn in to me on that day, bring it to me in my office before noon. We will also not have class on Friday because I will be gone for a conference, and the following Monday is a holiday. We will begin meeting regularly again next Wednesday (10/15). Don’t forget to come back!

10/5/2014 – After you turn in your essay, you must meet with me to discuss your grade. For those of you turning in essays (not issue proposals) on Wednesday, 10/8, you will have to meet with me the following week. I’ve posted a schedule of available times under the dropdown menu ( To set your appointment, you can email me, send me a direct message on Twitter, let me know what time you’d like in class Monday, or choose a time when you turn in your essay on Wednesday. Appointments will be given on a first-come first-served basis.

10/2/2014 – We will meet on the first floor of the library for class tomorrow (Friday, 10/3) and not in our regular classroom.

9/28/2014 – I’ve decided to push back the deadline for Essay 1 and the Issue Proposal, moving it from Monday, 10/6, to Wednesday, 10/8. Thesis work will still happen on the originally scheduled day (Wednesday, 10/1); the peer review date will be moved to Monday, 10/6. On Friday (10/3), we will spend some time on research skills to help you prepare for the essay.

9/24/2014 – If you were flagged on Starfish for no participation or low participation, that probably indicates that you are lacking in Twitter participation at this point. If you’re not sure, email me or come talk to me, but in most cases that simply indicates you need to up your game there: keep up with the feed and participate in the conversations.

9/10/2014 – If you have a minute to spare, I’m trying to gauge student interest in some possible topics for future upper-level humanities courses I might teach and I’d appreciate you taking this survey to indicate which of the listed topics are most/least interesting to you: It’s very short – only 4 questions! – and will take almost no time. Feel free to share the link with other Mines students who might still need or want an upper-level humanities course, too. Important: there’s no obligation to actually take any of these courses if they’re offered and taking the survey is absolutely not required for this class.

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