T. Rex Conference – Week 9

If you are working on Plan T. Rex, you must meet with me around midsemester to discuss your progress. (On the contract, it says Week 7 or 8, but we will conduct these conferences during Week 9.) This meeting is required for you to pass the class. At this point, you should be working on the Research Narrative and should have some of your research done already. You may also have some outlining or writing of the essay done at this point, too.

To prepare for our meeting, you should do two simple things:

1. Bring whatever you have done (for the Research Narrative and/or for the essay itself) to the conference.
2. Come with at least two questions to ask me. These may be about the content of your paper (what you are saying), structuring your paper (how you are saying it), researching your topic, citing your sources, etc.

These meetings will be scheduled for 20 minutes each so that we have time to look over any drafts you have and address your questions.

Look over the schedule below and choose a time you can meet with me. Email me, send me a direct message on twitter, or tell me in person what time/date you want to meet. I will fill in the schedule as requests come in.

Monday, 10/20:
10:00 –
10:20 –

Wednesday, 10/22:
10:00 – Nick Kraxberger
10:20 – Mark Moellentin
12:00 –
12:20 –

Thursday, 10/23:
12:00 – Judah Schkloven
12:20 – Cedar Owen
12:40 – Colter Carzoli
1:00 – Blake Martin
1:20 – Daniel Madden
1:40 – Grant Matthews

Friday, 10/24:
10:00 – Joseph Bauer
10:20 – Aaron Seefeldt
12:00 – Samuel Hinricher
12:20 – Alexander Aadland

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